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August 19, 2020
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Fun Things for Kids to Do With Gardening

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Have you ever observed that just about every kid naturally takes interest in growing things? Not only do they get a chance to play in the dirt, but they also seem to really like watching things grow. It is a satisfying experience that can at the same time be extremely educational for children. Even if you are not a gardener, it can be very beneficial and fulfilling for both you and your child to give them a few gardening projects. In fact, you may love doing it so much that you choose to make gardening a regular part of your schedule. Here are a couple simple gardening projects that can be pleasurable, easy, and educational for children of all ages.

Children's Salad Backyard Garden

If you've been searching for a good way to get your youngster to eat more greens, why don't you try letting them grow some of their own? Even if a child is usually very opposed to eating their veggies, you'll be surprised how much they will like eating them if they have gotten a chance to see them develop with their own eyes. It does not take a huge space either; all you will need is a little area for growing a lettuce plant, along with a few tomatoes and maybe some cucumbers or a bell pepper plant. Actually, even if you just have a porch or patio space, you could grow these plants out there inside a container. It is better to start small with just a few basic plants, so that your kid does not become overwhelmed with the need to care for a larger garden. Kids are usually a huge fan of little vegetables like cherry tomatoes. You can either purchase plants at your local garden center, or try raising the plants yourself from seeds to get an even more educational experience. Emphasize how crucial it is for your child to weed their garden and keep it watered consistently, and before too long you'll both get to enjoy the benefits of all of that hard work. Once this comes about, plan at least one meal around a salad made from your child's crops. In fact, a few pictures of your family enjoying this meal can contribute a nice touch to your kitchen's decor when you display them in bright red picture frames.

Seed Sprouting Experimentation

Even if the weather outside is cold and doesn't permit you to grow things outside, this doesn't mean that you can't sprout some seeds in your house in the meanwhile. Acquire some packages of your very favorite seeds, maybe some beans, squash, or maybe some cucumbers. Ensure that the seeds you purchase are not treated with inorganic sprays or chemicals, because your child is likely to want to touch them. Get some paper towels a little moist with water, and then lay them out on your counter or another work surface. After this, put several of your seeds onto a paper towel. Fold this paper towel around the seeds, and place in a warm spot. It will be necessary to sprinkle the paper towel with a little water occasionally, because the seeds won't sprout if the towel becomes dry. Covering the paper towel using a plastic bag may help keep it moist, but make sure the seeds get at least a bit of air. Open up the paper towel to discover how the seeds are doing fairly frequently, maybe every day or so. Your kid will really enjoy observing the small stem, leaves and roots sprout. You will want to document this experimentation by taking some pictures of the seeds which have sprouted, and then putting them in small picture frames. You might even want to purchase some alfalfa seeds, or even mung beans, or some different seeds to sprout which you can use on salads; these can be located in the organic department of some grocery stores. Put them inside a glass canning jar, rinse the seeds with water, and then drain. Do this once a day, and shortly your sprouts will start to appear. When they are all sprouted you may use them on a salad to make it extra yummy.

It just may surprise you when you see how well your youngsters do with growing their very own plants and having fun doing it. In fact, you might have lots of fun yourself!


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