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November 13, 2020
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How to Design and Plant a Small Yard or Small Garden

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Design and Plant a Small Yard or Small Garden when you only have limited space for outdoor living. When you have a limited budget or inclination to do the landscaping projects you really should do, downsize. Downsize with smaller landscapes and smaller plants. Small yards can be used effectively to enhance bland foundations, corners, and entrances as well as add color, fragrance and interest to patios and other sitting areas.

Small gardens use small scale trees, shrubs and perennials. Anchoring shrubs should mature around 3 to 4 feet tall and are typically placed in the back 1/3 of the area. Planting one or two evergreen shrubs makes a good base. Colorful small flowering shrubs and shrub-like perennials are other good choices.

Small garden anchor plants:
Boxwood Winter Gem
Boxwood Wintergreen
Nandina Firepower
Sungold Cypress
Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry
Bloomerang (reblooming lilac)
Barberry Royal Burgundy
Arctic Fire Dogwood
Clethra Sugartina Crystalina

Karley Rose, Prairie Dropseed, Karl Foerster and Adagio are some of the more striking ornamental grasses that are attractive as single specimens and can be used in lieu shrubs as anchor plants.

Plant perennials of varied heights keeping within 12 to 40 inches tall for added interest. Some of the friendliest and brightest varieties are:
Lo & Behold Blue Chip Buddleia
Lavender (Munstead,Hidcote & Kew Red)
Pineapple Sage
Walker's Low Catmint
Echinacea Day Dream (yellow) & Hot Lava (orangey red)
Purple Dome Aster
Heucheras Plum Pudding & Mystic Angel
Gaillardias Arizona Sun & Burgundy
Monardas Fireball & Blue Stocking
Veronicas Red Fox & Sunny Border Blue
Little Spire Russian Sage

Small scale ground cover plants are the last touch for small gardens.
Select from the following plants:
Creeping rosemary
Corsican Mint
Elfin Thyme
Red Creeping Thyme
Blue Star Creeper (Laurentia)
Big Blue Liriope
Highland Cream Thyme

Use spreading plants that have a spreading habit to fill in over several years such as:
Red Drift Rose and Apricot Drift Rose
Beauty Bush Dreamcatcher
Rudbeckia Autumn Colors
Yarrow (Summer Pastels & Strawberry Seduction)
Yarrow Shasta Daisy Crazy Daisy & Becky
Dianthus Firewitch

How to plan a small sized garden for your enjoyment: Select at least one small scale shrub to anchor the garden Choose 3 or more perennials in varied heights Use one variety of groundcover for the front most part For even more interest add a butterfly house, bird house or whirligig just off the center point.

Small yard gardens maybe a little challenging, but choosing small scale plants with color and purpose, can create a magnificient garden living area.


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