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July 26, 2020
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Easy Set Pools Buyers Guide

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When it comes to finding an affordable swimming pool, many families choose Easy Set Pools. They're designed to be easy to set up, and don't have to be dug into the ground like permanent home swimming pools. Instead, they sit around four feet above the ground, with a ladder to get over the wall, and can be big enough to swim in.What Makes Easy Set Pools So Popular?Easy Set Pools are becoming known as the pool of choice for those who'd like a pool in their garden but wouldn't otherwise be able to afford one. They're generally a very inexpensive option, costing just a couple of hundred dollars. The initial set up for the pool can be done in under an hour, and you won't need to hire any additional labor to have the pool installed. In fact, you'll be able to set it up and swim in it the very same day.Easy Set Pools come in a wide variety of shapes, depths and sizes to suit your property. Even better, setting one up on your property doesn't have to be a permanent decision, as with a traditional swimming pool. You can move it or get rid of it any time in the future. And during the winter, you can simply fold it away to use again next summer.Is An Easy Set Pool The Right Choice For You?The good thing about Easy Set Pools is that they're very flexible, but it's still important to consider whether they really are the best choice for you and your property. For a start, you'll need to have a smooth, level and stable surface to set your pool up on. You can do so on concrete, but you'll need to be careful not to drag it and cause holes in the liner.In fact, the relative ease at which punctures can occur is one of the main disadvantages of Easy Set Pools. You can repair them yourself using an inexpensive repair kit, but it might not even work. This is why it's recommended that you have grass on which to set your pool - but be aware that it may kill the grass underneath it. You'll also need to watch your pool if it rains a lot - overfilling could cause it to tear.Lastly, Easy Set Pools aren't quite as easy to get into as a normal pool. They come with a ladder to help you up over the sides, but it isn't sturdy enough to sit on to push yourself in gradually.ConclusionIn short, Easy Set Pools are a good option for those who can't afford to install other types of pool, or simply don't want the hassle. They aren't exactly like standard swimming pools, and you shouldn't expect them to be. But in those hot summer months, it's nice to have the option to swim in your back garden!


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