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June 11, 2020
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Decorative Flower Pots

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Decorative flower pots are so easy to make and beautiful once they are finished. One can start with a simple terra cotta pot, add paint, a few stencils and have a very unique creation that adds class and style to any personal space. Because they are personally designed, these garden pots will fit right into the creator's home decor.

Unlike commercial decorative flower pots which are generic and not very appealing, personally created garden pots are designed with the owner's tastes in mind. They are brilliant accessories for any home. Not only are these flower pots beautiful accessory pieces, but they are a wonderful art project that can be completed within a couple of hours.

Looking for a wonderful way to spend time with the kids while creating a beautiful craft? Create decorative flower pots together. This is a project that is both fun and relaxing to do. In addition, it does not require a lot of products and it can be finished within a few hours.

The needed materials are a terra cotta pot, a vibrant color of acrylic paint, stencils, stamps, soil and a favorite plant or flower. The kids will love picking out the colors, stencils, stamps and flowers. Possibly this pot will go into the kitchen or maybe one of the kid's rooms. However, it does not matter where the pot is placed. The main thing is that lots of fun, love and time will go into creating it. Not only is this a fun way to bring the family together for a couple of hours, but it also serves a useful purpose and results in a decorative product.

Decisions! Decisions! Now that the project is finished, what types of flowers go well in decorative flower pots? If one cannot decide upon a flower, then maybe a plant will do just fine. Ask the children to pick a favorite flower. Possibly a tulip or a rose?

This would be a wonderful time to help the children learn about garden pots and gardening by potting the soil and planting the plant. Not only will they be thrilled about creating beautiful decorative garden pots, but now they get to choose a favorite plant or flower and plant it as well. Children like to know that they have created something beautiful. It makes them feel special and important.

Now that the pot is finished and the soil and plant are planted, where will you place your new pot? Decorative flower pots can go in just about any room, whether it is inside or outside. Garden pots add a simple beauty to any space. If there is not a space on a kitchen counter or shelf, maybe the pot can be hung from the ceiling instead. Add a decorative special touch to the room by hanging your garden pots from the ceiling.

All in all, making decorative flower pots is a fun craft that the children will love to do. With just a terra cotta pot and a few paints and stencils, one can not only spend a few wonderful afternoon hours with the family, but also create a beautiful looking pot in the process.


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